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Report: The Importance of Exclusive and Private Label Brands as a Key Differentiator in Retailing

A new order is emerging in today’s retail world. The balance of power has shifted in favor of the consumer. Retailers, manufacturers, designers and other businesses now face consumers who demand a lot in exchange for their loyalty. If it sounds tough, it is!

Of course, much of this is not new, but what is different now is the confluence of effects that makes today’s retail market so dynamic and unpredictable. The challenge for brand owners and retailers alike is how to organize themselves to best respond  by updating their operating models to tune-in to changing customer tastes.

This report explores the importance of exclusive and private label brands as a key differentiator in retailing today and reveals how some retailers have built sophisticated models and methodologies to develop successful products and product ranges to improve market position. In addition, we will explore ways to implement a successful private label strategy.

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